As it happens when a bunch of people get together, they develop a lot of inside jokes. You don't understand them, but we do! HA HA!

Mastectomy Boutique
The sketchy Burger King
John's getting Michael and Josh in bed tonight
John's a dickhead
How old are you?!
Missbaby: "Please say you're 19"
Missbaby just loves John
John: "Josh...come to me" (Josh leaps gracefully into the bed)
Michael wakes up to say "Bless you"
Leg wrestling at 2:00 am
John: "Again! Again!"
John: "More pity"
The phantom in the elevator
John: "Let's do launch"
Is that big white line the white line?
Dyke-launching...the next Olympic event
Josh: "These are the pastimes of Transgendered people...we go into hotel hallways and fly...create scenes...there's also the dry humping, of course..."
John: "C'mon, Becky, eight seconds"
My dick's in my other pants
Josh's dick: The Beej
Is that a cock in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
John, Josh and Michael: "Ring around the rosy..."
Marc and his head-rubbing boy
Marc gettin' it on with the plumbing
Marc: "Ass hair waxing...let's slap some sugary resin on there and rip it off."
Marc: "You have ass hair, John?" John: "No, I just put the sugary resin on there anyway."
Radio: "I don't like you!"
Kael's toll dance many things to do, so close together