Josh's Pictures

Becky and Matt; the showdown Becky kicking Sebastian's ass
Da boyz Gayboi no more!
Sebastian, John, Kurt, Abby Becky, Natasha, Kael
Snazzy, studly bois Wendy, Michael, John...Tinkerbell, come on, we're FLYING!
Shameless promotion The shirt says Penis Not Included
John and Becky gettin' it on John the cute little boy
No, Michael's not asleep John and Missbaby, sittin' in a tree...
Michael and Josh On the metro
Hottest boi in DC Buds for life
Kael and his handiwork Look at all the people!
Chewing ice is a sign of sexual tension John: Marc, watch your mouth!
Becky loves Michael Michael and his teddy bear
The Thinker
On the metro again Becky REALLY loves Michael
Absolute stud Sebastian the porn star
Buds Sebastian going away  :(
Can you say catalog model? caption, on the grounds that some people might laugh insanely while others get extremely offended